An analysis of 10 separate domestic violence prevalence studies by the Council of Europe showed consistent findings: 1 in 4 women experience domestic violence over their lifetimes, and between 6-10% of women suffer domestic violence in a given year.Read More


Abused women are more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, eating disorders and sexual dysfunction. Violence may also affect their reproductive health. Research shows that the psychological damage is more long lasting than the injuries sustained. Read More


Since the mid 1970s feminist writers, researchers and activists have put the issue of gender violence on local, national and international agendas. Women everywhere are breaking the taboo and are discussing more openly about intimate violation. Read More

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The aim of Joseing is to provide information about my practice as a counsellor and also wishes to serve as a platform for people that share my same commitment in contributing positively in the life of women that have been affected by abuse and violence.


Joseing’s desire is to create ripples of change, providing useful resources, inspiring experiences and actively supporting local charities that provide services to these women.

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