Fee Structure

Initial Appointment at a reduced fee:



50 Minute Sessions:

£60 - £75 (fee depending on income)


Consulting Rooms In :

Belgravia (SW1W, SW1)

Kensington (SW3, SW10)

Moorgate (EC2M, EC1M)


My approach is Humanistic integrative and I use a number of different theoretical approaches:


Transpersonal Approaches


The main goal of Humanistic Integrative is to find out HOW individuals perceive themselves HERE and NOW and also recognises human creativity, personal growth, choice and responsibilities.


In my personal view integrative is a personal process, a particular attitude towards different theories and approaches, is a way of being, is the personal stance that allows autonomy and freedom within a solid an secure base of theoretical concepts. This particular stance enables me to be empathic and attuned with the client’s personal perspective and not rigid on my own, with the confidence built through growing professionally and personally in a diverse and stimulating environment, where the most valid lesson is to be able to stay with the unknown, leave the assumptions on one side, remain flexible and open and be authentic.


One of the concepts of the Buddhist philosophy is the three dimensional aspect of life: past, present and future, different dimensions influencing each other and inextricably interconnected. There are many other triangles in psychotherapy that can represent this three dimensional concept: Id, ego and super-ego; mind (cognitive), body and soul (transpersonal); child, parent and adult ego states; rescuer, victim and persecutor; defences, anxieties and hidden feelings and also “the triangle of insight”.


In my practice I feel I integrate all these different perspectives in an organic model where, moment by moment, I build trust in my own gut reactions and evaluation about what feels right or wrong in different moments of the work with a client.